20 plus years developing payroll based billing solutions for leading insurers and state funds.


PayGo Finance provides peace of mind with unparalleled accuracy and unmatched services.


SaaS based, secure user friendly application with real-time policy, payroll and payment transparency anytime from anywhere.


Complete billing solution with seamless payroll reporting options and EZ self-reporting capabilities.

Why you will love PayGo Finance

PayGo Finance is the best choice

It is a unique payment option for workers’ compensation and other fluctuating exposure based policies which simplifies billing and eliminates guesswork.

Low Down payments

Our program allows for a 10% down payment versus the typical 25-50% requirements making PayGo Finance the best solution for clients in State Funds or Assigned Risk Pools.

Improves Cash Flow

Spreading payments across payroll cycles throughout the policy year helps business owners manage cash flow.

Flexible Reporting Options

We can work with most payroll providers.  We also allow policyholders to enter the data directly or for an additional fee, we can enter the information on your behalf.

Minimizes Audit Adjustments

By basing the premium payments on the actual payroll reported, it is less likely there will be surprises or unexpected premium due at the final audit.

Online Access

Manage your Policy, Payroll and Payments
24/7 in real-time.

Automated Alerts

System generated reminders and
late payroll notices.

Real-time Reporting

Actual versus estimated payroll
and premium comparisons.

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PayGo Financial Application


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